Why some people remain poor even with begging opportunities

By Haruspice


I advertised a house for a client, half of those who commented made jokes out of it. The possibility that these folks are broke ass guys is 99.9% yet they make a joke of this. Calculate 10% of 50 million, that is 5million! So imagine 5million hitting your account by merely advertising this on your wall, that is like three years salary of a level 8 civil servant and some people don’t see this as a begging crossover from poverty to prosperity? Why we hustle, you catch cruise- calling it savagery. Later, you will be begging for giveaway.

The reason people remain perpetually stagnant in fortune is not far fetched, it is that inherited ego pulsating mindset handed from their ancestral umbilical cord. They see small hustles as demeaning, belittling and undignifying. Filled with entitlement mentality, they live in expected magic and once these expectations don’t happen, they turn bitter against their surroundings calling old people in their family witches, blaming the government and regurgitating bitterness all through.

Even the ocean, we were told was built with tiny drops of water. Anyone who desires greatness but chose to achieve this from the top will remain permanently a poor soul. Cultivate the little opportunities around you and see your fortune blossom in bounties. The Igbos are legendary in starting small, in no time, they grow in stout roots of riches and wealth. Half of the houses in the FCT are owned by the Igbos – in the same Nigeria where people cry of things not working.

I built my first house with proceeds from printing works, I would dress in my sharp suit from the house and have them stained later with paints of different colours later at the popular UTC in Abuja. I joined the boys there to hustle before you say jack! I had gathered appreciable money to start my housing project barely a year after graduation. 2010 to be precise! While I rant on Facebook with my musings, I was buried in real hustles outside Facebook. Now, let me tell you the secret, we use our writings here to create a brand for ourselves, it is the brand that opens doors for us and not our certificates. There is no office that the Haruspice Brand don’t open a door! Once this door is opened, never ask for money, sell your craft and wares. I tell them I do printing, we can handle your printing need and boom we are smiling to the bank after a good printing offer. Let me tell you this, there is nothing that brings fast cash like printing, if na lie, ask Bello Bissalla one of the smart young Nigerians who left mouth-watering job with an international agency to start his Beltina Printing press in Abuja.!

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You want to hit it big yet but abhor starting small. The politicians you admire and wants to be like started as petty hustlers. If you don’t fold your ego sleeves and join the hustle mud, you will be here ranting ‘Buhari is a failure ‘, ‘This is not the change we voted for ‘ every year while your mates are increasing their digits.

And don’t be tempted by going round tarnishing the image of real hustlers calling them yahoo yahoo, ritualists and bootlickers when they hit it big. Life gives equal template of survival, how you navigate your survival routes make the difference. In this same country, Davido made billions, white money became a millionaire in three months, Hamzat B. Lawal became a global icon. What are you doing other than your savagery cruise on social media?

This is a brand new calendar year, readjust your mindset, recalibrate your empty ego and join any available legitimate hustles, by the of this year, you will thank me later. Free success tips- ly musing

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